Since When Does The Economy Dictate Your Job Status (Super Intern with 47 job offers)

I worked hard to get my internships. One at Streable and the other at RaisingCEOKids. Now compare this to 10 internships, 47 job offers and finally 1 dream job.

Enter Maeghan Smulders. She’s a 24 year old recent graduate who majored in business and she sounds like a typical graduate. But she had 29 job offers lined up at graduation. Instead of settling for one of them, she did what she called “speed interning.” Maeghan interned at 10 companies in just 112 days, the longest lasting only a month. What she ended up with was 47 job offers. She chose to work at a Beyond the Rack, a Canadian startup with 3 years of experience.

If you’re taking a job for the next five to 10 years of your life, you want to make sure it’s the right one.
~ Maeghan Smulders.

So, tell me. Why is it this recent grad is able to rack up 47 job offers, when others are struggling to find just one. And they settle for less when they do. Are the bad times to blame? Or could it the individual’s fault?

I think that the economy should have nothing to do with the ability of a determined individual to find his dream job, degree or no degree. Notice how I say determined. Yes some do get lucky and achieve success without even trying. But if you’re like me, you need determination. Feel free to disagree, but trying and not giving up makes all the difference. You just need to try harder in this economy.

(Roy Lichtenstein, finally that art history class comes in handy!)

Networking is the best way to get your dream job. (with or without a piece of paper) Get to know someone inside the company. Enchant them.  Make them want to work with you. Get a recommendation from them. Let them refer you to the HR manager in charge of hiring. This is much more important than any other recommendation. I got the programming internship from Streable from just knowing the co-founder. [see: the single most important rule to networking]

This seems easy. Maybe too easy. And perhaps it is. Just remember that you actually have to have the right skills necessary for the job. A college degree is no longer suffice to be competitive in this tough job market. Concrete skills and previous work experience is crucial. What’s that? You don’t have any of those things? Learn the skills online and work for free if you have to. Just until you have sufficient experience to showcase your skills. Being 17, who in their right mind will take me seriously without proof of my skills. Experience is everything to me right now. I don’t make any money from any of my internships. I even make people wordpress sites and blog for free!

Who knows. I might pursue speed interning in the future for a little bit. Anything for that valuable experience. I’m still searching for my dream job. One day I’ll find it. I’ll be learning and doing until that day. And every day afterwards.


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