Mock It Up Before You Screw It Up: App Prototyping (With Free Templates)

I  just finished my lean startup course on Udemy. Basic lean startup ideology: Build, Measure, Learn, Repeat. I recommend it to anyone in the startup field. It’s also a good resource for newbies so they know what they’re getting themselves into. I don’t have a lot of experience on the startup scene. (apart from my work at Streable) But I do know that it’s HARD! Long hours, little sleep, no pay. Small price to pay for passion I suppose.

I was looking for another course to learn from and I found How to Prototype Web and Mobile Apps in 30 Minutes. It teaches you how to produce mock up apps on Keynote for prototypes. These apps can be shown to potential customers to test product market fit. (something I learned about in the lean startup course) It can be given to programmers so they have a feel of what the app is supposed to look like and do. It can be showcased to help persuade investors and potential co-founders. It can be used to validate previous assumptions about your app. Prototyping is infinitely useful. Just as the title says, mock it up before you screw it up.

It’s really simple, like making a powerpoint. Using templates from sites such as Keynotopia,  some apps take less than an hour to prototype. Not one line of code required. Compare that to the time required to program the same app. And the best part is changing the design only takes a couple minutes. Don’t like the idea of your app anymore? Just scrap the prototype and start over. It didn’t take that much time. No money was wasted. No guilt here.

I hate to waste money on something I could get for free. Did some research and found 1000+ vector interface components designed in Apple Keynote. It includes mockup templates for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, web application, Facebook, OSX, Windows 7 and Windows Phone. Everything you need is here. It’s all free, all you need to do is tweet. The details are on the website.

I would never recommend something I haven’t tried for myself. Worked nicely as a planning and prototyping tool for apps. Only took about an hour to get the hang of Keynote. Literally all I did was copy, paste, resize and move things around. Perfect for a lean startup ready to change the world.

[What tools did you use to prototype apps in the past?]


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