A Truly Simple User Interface: Simplified For Seniors

I think I may have found the idea I’m was looking for. A truly simple user interface. It evolved from a simple browser that Senior citizens can use without frustration to an entirely simple computer and now to a simple user interface.

I’ve been coming up with more ideas and getting feedback every day. (some even offering their help) I was awake until 1 in the morning getting feedback from someone in California the other night. It was worth it. Heck I’m getting feedback even as I write this post! Every comment and thought I get is a new perspective that’s entirely different from my own. I can feel the creativity.

The final idea is the result of 20 or so perspectives.


A Truly Simple User Interface.

The simple user interface latches on to an existing operating system (Windows, MacOS) and creates an easier environment to navigate and do basic tasks. This reduces the frustration experienced by most Senior citizens. Everything is simplified. One click for email. One click for Facebook. One click to share photos and chat with family. Everything in plain sight with no distractions. Simplified for Seniors.

(simplicity is key)

Small children can use the interface as “training wheels” before moving on to the more complex UI. (although they might not want to change) Schools and businesses can use the interface to clear distractions so students and employees can focus. Anyone new to a computer will also benefit from this interface.

The interface can be customized based on the user’s needs. Additional apps and programs can be downloaded for the user. And the UI may be changed back to normal at any time.

Business Model (learned from Stanford’s technology entrepreneurship class)

Customer Segments

  • Senior citizens
  • Small children
  • Schools and businesses
  • New computer users and those willing to learn

Value Propositions

  • Simplicity
  • Customization
  • Users don’t have to buy an entirely new computer
  • Costs much less than having to go buy a simple computer


  • Website
  • Social media
  • Word of mouth
  • Possibly through Microsoft, Apple, Best Buy in the future

Customer Relationships

  • Personal assistance setting up the software
  • Ongoing support

Revenue Streams

  • Free 30 day trial of software
  • Extra free month with a shoutout on Facebook
  • One-time pay for full version
  • Paid upgrade with each new version
  • Possible advertising

Key Resources

  • Programmers
  • Relationships with Senior citizen organizations
  • Possible relationships with other channel companies

Key Activities

  • Face-to-face interviews with Seniors
  • Creating the software
  • Building relationships with key resources
  • Marketing and educating Seniors

Key Partnerships

  • Senior citizen orgranizations

Cost Structure

  • Value driven but using the simple software costs less than buying a new computer


First time doing an actual business model. Everything else just lived in my head before this post. But I definitely see the benefits. Every idea sounds good when in your head. Put it on paper and it’s an entirely different idea.

(your mind gets blown by every idea)

The idea’s been behaving well so far. (got featured on Microsoft’s Bizspark Facebook page :) But this is only the beginning. It only gets harder from here. If only there was a way to make it simpler…

(Always looking for feedback. What are your thoughts?)


4 thoughts on “A Truly Simple User Interface: Simplified For Seniors

  1. I would make it free. To generate revenue I would offer a monthly subscription where they pay maybe $10 for a month of support/updates. Month-to-month, no commitments. If they need one time help they can pay the $10 and then have that whole month to use it again. Show them the value of the support and updates and they’ll continue to pay the monthly fee.

    You could also create your own app store type of deal.

    I’m just thinking in ways to get traction without cost as a barrier to entry. The type of people who you want to use your system are the ones who still pay for support. Making it something people want to purchase instead of a last resort when they can’t figure things out is a priority.

    • Thanks for the feedback Erich, I agree with you on the changes to the revenue model. It would gain traction if it were free. I will be updating the model in another post with all feedback in consideration.

      Thanks ~ Imtiaz Majeed

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