A Truly Simple Computer Experience For Seniors

/nicknamed Hera after the Greek queen of Heaven. because that’s what using this interface is supposed to feel like for Seniors.


I personally had to walk my grandmother through shutting down her laptop over the phone and it still couldn’t be done. My grandfather requested that I call Google after his favorite site was down for maintenance. I’ve helped my “experienced” teacher with email during lunch and it still hasn’t had any effect. She thought she had “broken it.”

Senior citizens generally have a hard time using computers. But the problem isn’t the Seniors. It’s the overcomplicated computers. Looking at my grandparents’ laptop (which is as basic and simple as it gets) they only use one program out of the entire start menu: Firefox. (which I had to download for them)

The problem is complexity.


The simple user interface eliminates frustration experienced by Seniors attempting to use a computer.

Built for Seniors with their needs in mind. Everything is simplified. One click for email. One click for Facebook. One click for YouTube. One click to share photos and chat with family. One click for sports, news, weather. One central location where you navigate to everything else. Everything in plain sight. No distractions.

Easy to pickup and understand. The aim is to make the user an expert within 30 minutes. My teacher will know how to send an email within 5 minutes. My grandmother will know how to turn off the computer within 1 minute. Simple enough for Seniors. While not limiting their freedom. Simplicity is key.


The interface is simple. Its capabilities are limitless.

The sky is literally the limit with cloud technology. The computer will run and store all of its programs and documents in the cloud. It doesn’t matter if their grandkids spilled milk on the computer. The programs, documents, pictures can be retrieved on any computer. Their precious grandchild’s 2nd birthday will forever be safe. It will take up little space on the actual computer and will run on less memory. This is cheaper and more efficient.


The interface latches on to the user’s existing Operating System. It acts as makeup enhancing its features and making it beautiful. Because simplicity is beautiful. One click to download. And the user has done her part. The computer will do the rest for you. (I mean it’s about time)


Simplicity isn’t just for Seniors. It’s for everyone. The interface is designed to be easy to use. It’s anything but limiting. Just change a few options to suit your needs. Or better yet, let us do it for you with our offered support.

Small children can use the interface as “training wheels” before moving on to something more complex.  (although they might not want to change) The easy to understand user interface makes using a computer fun. They’ll beg you to use it. Kids can watch Dora and Elmo online without having to worry about them wandering to any nonage appropriate sites. They can learn online without learning anything “inappropriate.” They can play games without the slowing down and freezing. Less frustration for them means more time for the parents.

Schools can easily download the interface on all of their computers to ensure that the students are doing their schoolwork. No more getting around the firewall or using proxies. The interface supports both PC and Mac. Both text editors, slideshow makers, and spreadsheet makers will be able to be uploaded and edited on the same computer.

Businesses can use the interface to keep employees focused without distractions. Extra programs and applications can be downloaded to suit the business. Extra cloud storage is also available for technology heavy companies.

New users will be a perfect fit with this interface. Normal user interfaces are too complex. They require too high of a learning curve. Too much superfluous fluff. And honestly, they make new users feel dumb. As a user, you want to feel in control of your product. You want to own the product. Not the other way around.

(it’s basic human behavior)


Customer Segments

  • Senior citizens
  • Small children
  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • New computer users

Value Propositions

  • Simplicity
  • Customization
  • Users don’t have to buy an entirely new computer, simply download the interface
  • Costs much less than having to go buy a simple computer


  • Website
  • Social media
  • Word of mouth
  • Possibly through Microsoft, Apple, Best Buy in the future

Customer Relationships

  • Personal assistance setting up the software
  • Ongoing support

Revenue Streams

  • Free download of interface
  • Free upgrade to updated interfaces in the future
  • Paid monthly support – no commitments

Key Resources

  • Programmers

Key Activities

  • Face-to-face interviews with Seniors
  • Creating the software
  • Building relationships with key resources
  • Marketing and educating Seniors

Key Partnerships

  • Senior citizen orgranizations

Cost Structure

  • Value driven but using the simple software costs less than buying a new computer


The future is meant to be simple. Technology doing everything for us. Life being better, easier, simpler.

My vision is to simplify technology. And I’ll start by removing the frustration for Seniors. This is long overdue. First a simplified interface. Then a simple computer. A simple phone. And on and on.

The future is truly simple. ~ Imtiaz Majeed


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