Extensive Change, Minimal Look

A lot going on this summer. First time that I’m actually busy during vacation. I’ve had to turn down some great opportunities – something I absolutely hate to do since I know I would have killed for them last year. But I feel like I have made the right choice on which activities to spend the most time on. And more importantly which activities to kill off.


Still working on the simple interface for Seniors. Decided to stick with this one. Already had a few people offer their assistance with the programming. I also have a mentor guiding me in the right direction. Very grateful for all the help. I’ve learned that in the end it’s not what you know. It’s who you know that makes all the difference.

Design. /Andrew Kim’s work has inspired me

Industrial design? Product design? Graphic design? I don’t even know the proper term but I really want do make graphics like this. (all done by the amazing Andrew Kim)

And this.

Plus a lot of this.

And at the same time create products and models like these.

Would help me right now as I work on Hera. I could create graphics to explain the idea. (better than simple words) I can get someone to make it later. Definitely learning design. I’ll immerse myself with design principles and theory from Dieter Rams. And move from there. Expect a post on design very soon. Decided to study computer science and design in college to help with startups.

(Dieter Rams)


Redesigned the website to suit my more simple design style. (also inspired by Andrew Kim’s minimal website) I fell in love with the minimal and picture heavy style. All of my future posts will now be stuffed with large pictures. Not as much as Andrew’s website. But definitely enough to notice.


Development is slow right now. But I have decided to stick with Streable. Programming has not been a fun experience for me lately. (still going to try it again in college) I have chosen to devote my time instead on the business side of the startup. I’ll see where it goes from there. I may come to love programming again in college and return.


Just had my first guest speaking experience today with UrbanTXT. Enjoyed every minute of it. That feeling of undivided attention from so many people is quite astounding. I crave that feeling. Will be leading a week soon on DigiFoot12 teaching the power of social media. And many more arrangements to come!

Side Projects. /if time permits

I would love to have time for all of these.

  • Help, the one and only, Nikhil Goyal market his book: One Size Does Not Fit All: A Student’s Assessment of School
  • Assist my good friend, Priscilla Sanstead, with establishing a network to support those looking for an education alternative
  • Blog for a student voice network
  • Create websites for friends and friends of friends
  • More internships and apprenticeships (I guess my FOMO (fear of missing out) is to blame)

I plan to get Hera off the ground before school starts. And learn until my heart’s desire. ~ Imtiaz Majeed


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