I find inspiration in the weirdest times of the day. At 2 in the morning. (this post was finished at 1:15am) When eating breakfast. In the shower. It feels like butterflies fluttering around in your head. Tickling your nerves and brain into a different reality. It feels like when you’re a kid. When you believed everything was possible. Experience has since stunted this belief. But inspiration is an amazing thing. Anything is possible with inspiration.

I turn to people whenever I need a dose of inspiration. People inspire other people. It’s a chain reaction. Who inspires me?

Andrew Kim

/recently inspired me to pursue design

Sir Ken Robinson

/inspired me to start this blog about learning

Dieter Rams

/inspired me to always create simple products

Steve Jobs

/inspired me to think different

It’s good to be inspired. It’s better to inspire others.


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