Project Summer 13

I’m going to do something I think no one has ever done before. In today’s economy, it is risky to pursue any career without a degree in the area of study. No one wants to hire you. You are looked down upon in society and you rarely amount to anything in your field. I will prove this accepted “fact” wrong and take charge of my education. My only limit is myself.


This summer was incredible. I learned more this summer than I ever have in school. I got to work on many challenging projects with simply wonderful people. (look over my resume to see what I mean) But I want to take my learning to the next step.

I want to develop a more versatile startup skill set to better succeed in a competitive entrepreneurial environment. I am currently majoring in computer science to build my coding experience and working with a tech startup to further my business skills. The next step is design.

Project Summer 13.

During the summer of 2013, I want to immerse myself in the field of design. My goal is to learn as much as I possibly can and more.  To do this I will be interning with a top design consultancy/firm to get first hand experience in the world of design. My efforts will be focused on industrial design, product design and prototyping for entrepreneurial reasons. Graphic design and sketching also appeal to me. I want to get a taste for other aspects of design as well. I will soak up everything.

The Problem (and solution).

I have no experience with design. No portfolio. Not a single sketch.

But what I do have is passion. I am passionate about great design. I appreciate products that have been well designed. I take a second to admire spectacular design feats. Not only do I gripe over poorly designed products, but I think of ways to improve them. Don Norman recently contacted me for revisions for his book, “The Design of Everyday Things”.

This isn’t the first time that I’m stepping up to the plate as an amateur. I started a social media consulting business after creating a Facebook account a couple months before. I made the company website with no previous experience. And after it was all set up, I decided that social media wasn’t for me. When everything in place, I wasn’t learning as much as I thought I would. I stopped immediately and started learning something else. Today I work as social media manager with startup expanding into the UK. And I build websites for different causes in my free time.

I tend to get bored quickly. Without a challenge, I lose interest. I want to learn by doing and by overcoming obstacles. It’s only impossible until it’s done. What I lack in experience I make up for in passion. My love of learning has gotten me this far and I believe it can take me even further.

The Ideal Experience.

I want to get as close to this experience as possible.

  • Top design consultancy/firm that encourages creativity and innovation
  • Work (and learn on the way) on real projects with pressing deadlines
  • Perform market research
  • Learn the basics of sketching
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions
  • Create a prototype
  • Present a final product to a client
  • Get a taste for every design position

The ideal internship would require me to travel, preferably somewhere in California or New York, but I’m open to anywhere. The ideal internship would pay my travel fare, housing, transportation, stipend, etc. If this can’t be done, that’s ok. Remember this is the ideal. Compensation enhances the experience and reduces the hassle of travel/commute.


I have about 10 months until Summer 2013. It would seem like a stretch to get an internship with a top design firm with no experience. I must admit, it won’t be easy. It can be done. It may seem impossible. But it can be done. ~ Imtiaz Majeed


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