How I Got Lost In a Library: Restroom Signs

First day of college at UCF. One more class to go. Going great so far, I’m liking the big campus and large student population.  I have a lot of time, in between my classes, and I chose to spend it at the library. I had just finished replying to emails when I wanted to use the restroom. Where was it? I had no clue. (I just came back and still have no idea where it is) I walked aimlessly through the endless rows of library shelves looking for some sign directing me where to go. Nothing. Instead I followed the walls around the room, since the designers almost always have it toward the exterior area of the room. I mean, I had to find it eventually. And I did.

While on this mini adventure, I thought about how there should be signs pointing students to the bathroom so they wouldn’t have to search aimlessly. The 8 foot library shelves prevent any way of knowing where the bathroom is offhand. And the awkwardly shaped room doesn’t help. The only signs that I could find were the ones that were directly in front and next to the restroom.

One solution would be to have multiple restroom signs placed around the room in such a way that one would always be in sight. This is much more convenient than having just two signs directly near the door.

Another solution would to have a small directory as soon as you enter. In my case of the UCF, this would be as soon as you enter the room coming up the stairs. This way there is always something to refer back to when you need it. At least you know where to go and can go there for directions rather than searching aimlessly.

Yes it might cost more to do this, but at least “navigation” of the building would be in order. Students wouldn’t have to ask the librarians where the restroom is. This would save valuable production hours and time in the long run.


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