Feedback Signals

I got a Sunpass transponder recently. It’s a really convenient device to have when commuting on the highway daily.

And it’s gotten a lot skinnier and sleeker since the original transponder.

One obvious design fault, however, there are no feedback signals to let you know if I paid toll or not. No beeps, no sounds, no lights. Nothing. I barely notice its presence when driving. Which is a good and bad thing. For example, I pass through multiple tolls each day and if the transponder stops working one morning, I’ll have to pay a fine for every toll I pass through unpaid. This makes for an unhappy customer.

This problem has occurred before. This story, from Tampa Bay Online, describes a man who got his license suspended because the transponder’s battery was running low and he wasn’t aware.

A simple tone or beep when passing through a toll would be sufficient to reassure drivers that the toll has been paid for. A flashing red light or recurring negative tone when the battery is running low would also help.


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