What Would the Interior of a Self Driving Car Look Like?

Self driving cars are inevitable. It’s a good money making idea and it would save 100 hours each year for the average American driver. (10+ hours each week in my case) Many companies have already started the mechanics and programming aspect to the self driving car.

But what about the interior? You don’t expect us to just sit there and watch the road roll by. I envision a mobile “living area”. One where the line between home and car are blurred. One where transportation doesn’t interrupt our life but rather flows with it and accommodates our daily activities.

Instead of this.

More of this. (without the mini bar…)

The future of automobiles will be centered around the user (who is no longer referred to as driver). I foresee a future where “empty” cars are sold, and furnished almost entirely by the user, much like that of buying a house. The user would buy a chair, desk, and television made specifically for a car and “install” it herself, similar to that of connecting Lego pieces. The car would serve as the foundation (or baseplate in terms of Lego) where everything would latch onto. This would give users the freedom to create any space to fit their needs.

The “automobile” aspect of the car should be hidden away. A steering wheel with standard PRNDL controls should be easily accessible in case of emergency. Otherwise manual controls should remain hidden as well.

I wouldn’t be surprised if seat belts and airbags were abolished from these cars. This will definitely take time. With self driving cars, accidents will be nonexistent, countless hours would be saved, and humans can once again focus on what we do best: creating.

~ Imtiaz Majeed


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