The Future of Networking: Online Meets Offline Interaction

Online networking is one thing. Offline networking is another. But I believe the future of networking will be a hybrid form of both online and offline interaction.

Such an example is LetsLunch.

Founder Institute graduate, LetsLunch connects you with entrepreneurs and industry professionals in your area. Connecting online and then connecting over lunch is much more effective than just another email in an inbox. This one-to-one interaction where attention is devoid of online distractions is powerful. An email is weak and isn’t likely to make an unforgettable impression. Personality and passion can’t be expressed through email.

LetsLunch has more than 15,000 users registered in the US, Italy and New Zealand. It is launching in the UK September 22 and in the Netherlands September 27th. I recommend this to anyone interested in expanding their future opportunities. You don’t have to know anyone, just find someone you think is interesting on the LetsLunch website and invite them for lunch. You never know what might happen.

Join LetsLunch and share ideas, meet new people, pitch your startup, and get ahead in your life. If you’re in the UK, get your invite today and an exclusive launch party ticket. There are fewer than 50 free tickets remaining at the time of writing.

~ Imtiaz Majeed


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