Priority vs Efficiency

Do you focus on priorities first? This seems like an obvious question. But, what makes a certain task a priority? And do you categorize them by importance?

Focus, not on priorities, but on efficiency.

I will purposefully put off homework until later in the night when there is more pressure to finish. Why? Because I finish homework much faster and more efficiently knowing that the deadline is just a few hours away. This gives me more time for other tasks.

When I focus first on priorities before the deadline, I found myself spending more time on them. Just knowing that I have the rest of the day makes me go slower.

Without pressure, there is no growth. How can you take advantage of this fact? Give shorter deadlines. Ask how long it would take to comfortably finish and move the deadline a bit closer.

“The only pressure I’m under is the pressure I’ve put on myself.” ~ Mark Messier


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