My Talk With Suli Breaks

I went in not sure what to expect. I came out feeling inspired. This is my talk with Suli Amoako, more commonly known on the Internet as, Suli Breaks.

His video “Why I Hate School But Love Education” has recently gone viral with over 1.5 million views.

Despite receiving many negative responses both from the YouTube comments and from articles such as this one from Emmeline Zhao, I believe that Suli’s video was quite the inspiration. It motivated me to pursue my passions with even more fervor. His passion leaked out of him and into most of the people I shared the video with. “I want kids to believe in themselves,” says Suli who believes that we shouldn’t just go to college because society tells us to.

First, let me make this clear because I believe that there has been a lot of misunderstandings of Suli’s message, he is not against college. In fact, he has no stance on college. “I am for-learning,” explains Suli. He wants to spread the message that education does not only come from schooling and that schooling is not always necessary.

Suli is a 24 year old Law graduate. He has had six jobs within the past three years, none of which have the least to do with law. The system has failed him. College is the last place his education has came from. He graduated in 2009 with over £24k (nearly $40K!) worth of student loan debt. However, he doesn’t want to discourage others from attending university. Instead, he wants students to really think through what it is that they want to gain from going to college and make sure that their aims and aspirations match up with what college has to offer before making a decision. “Most people have a misconception of what learning is,” explains Suli who believes that “your mind is his campus”. This explains the name of his blog “University of Suli Breaks“.

We also chatted a bit about entrepreneurship when he said that money is not his motivation. He brought up a great quote from Henry Ford which said, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”. Instead, Suli is passionate about writing and film. He has been asked to perform poetry a plethora of times and his film crew has even won two film festivals!

In closing, I thoroughly enjoyed our talk. Suli is a very humble, down to Earth guy with an important and inspiring message for our young generation. Believe in yourself, and don’t let society tell you what to do.

Oh, and Emmeline, Suli wanted me to thank you for causing such a huge spike in the attention that his video has been getting. It really helped!


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