3D printing + DeltaMaker Initial Thoughts

Recently started with working Orlando based 3D printing company, DeltaMaker, to help build subassemblies for 150 printers. Decided to show my personal shots for those asking me about the experience.

Started off simple, making wheels. Over 1000 of them. As a software guy, I can say that my hands were tired after my first day.

Carriage Wheels

After a couple more days of bearings, washers, and wheels, it was onto carriages assemblies. About 450 of them. Learned how to use a torque wrench and why we Loctite our bolts. Also used a caliper for the first time to score some brackets.


At the time of writing, I have about 100 more carriages to complete.

A nice shot of my work area where I crank out carriages.

Some shots of the main room, loving the wall colors. The scoreboard has been programmed to tell the time with the Guest score indication seconds. TV with horns, why not.

Testing out a prototype.

In just 45 minutes of printing, a frog was born.

This amazing owl was one of DeltaMaker’s initial prints!

I’ve been learning a lot since I started not too long ago, also doing some online marketing (check us out on Facebook!).

* * *

Apart from DeltaMaker, I’ve been working on the business side of 3D printing eyewear. Excited to see how they will come out once I have the lenses confirmed. I will also be posting 3D printing news from around the Web to showcase what the technology is really capable of.

Much more to come, this is just the beginning.


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