Learn Famo.us [part 1]: What is Famo.us?


What is Famo.us?


Famo.us is an open source (soon to be open development) JS framework capable of rendering to HTML, Canvas, and WebGL. It’s been in the works for a couple of years and was released a few months ago (April 9th).

Located in San Francisco, it was founded by Steve Newcomb (sold Bing to Microsoft) and Mark Lu (Berkeley graduate). They have $30MM in funding.

Steve and Mark’s goal for founding Famo.us

To build the ultimate JavaScript development platform
– free & open source
– fixes the performance problems of HTML5
– enables rendering to DOM, Canvas and WebGL
– multi-view capable
– controls animation with a physics engine
– enables designers with new tools for animation
– enables junior engineers to use widgets
– enable senior engineers to build their own primitives
– can build apps and games
– works on phones, tablets, computers and televisions
– one code base, deploy everywhere [1]

Famo.us core
1) a 3D rendering engine
2) a 3D physics engine
3) a gesture engine for touch, mouse, keyboard, and Leap Motion
4) a multi-view engine

With Famo.us, you can create near-native (60 FPS) experiences in web + mobile apps by writing very little code.

Famo.us enables application developers to build beautiful native speed based apps and games in HTML5 that take advantage of famo.us’ 3D rendering, 3D physics, multi-screen and gesture engines. Designers can access the motion via the physics engine without coding, application developers can build quickly using app templates and widgets without worrying about performance and platform engineers can build their own primitives from scratch with direct source code access to the full power of the famo.us engines. [1]

Much more to come on Famo.us, expect code walkthroughs, tutorials, and extensive documentation of Famo.us’ Github examples.

[1] – angellist

Frequently Asked Question
– The basics
The tough questions


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