Famo.us Integrations

Famo.us is only just a few months old, but has been gaining traction in the way of integrations that are currently available for the framework. Here are the many different types of integrations that are currently out and also some in the works.

Currently Available

Famo.us + d3.js

  • Use d3’s data-binding and Famo.us’ surfaces and rendering capabilities to create awesome charts and graphs

Famo.us + Firebase

  • Focus on the front-end and let Firebase take care of the rest

Famo.us + Angular

Famo.us + Meteor

  • For those that can’t get enough Meteor

Famo.us + React

  • Famo.us with Facebook’s React

Famo.us + Maps

  • Add map components to the Famo.us render tree and also use Famo.us modifiers to pan the map and sync the position of renderables

Future Integrations

As hinted at by the Famo.us CEO, Steve Newcomb, here are some of the integrations that are currently in the works.

  • Famo.us + Backbone
  • Famo.us + Ember

Will keep up-to-date, subscribe to be notified of new integrations.


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