My name is Imtiaz Majeed and I am a software engineer. It all started in high school when I took an intro to programming class where I learned to build video games in darkBASIC. From there, I became interested in tech startups, so I joined LetsLunch as a marketing and PR guy where I landed us on the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and TechCrunch.

In college, I majored in Computer Science and learned a ton of the theory behind software and computers. In my spare time, I worked as a business consultant intern where I performed market analysis and parsed through industry databases. I also dabbled in 3D printing at DeltaMaker, where I helped build the 150+ 3D printers for our KickStarter backer.

I wanted more. So I attended Hack Reactor, an advanced software engineering immersive where I applied my theoretical knowledge in the real world.

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